Tax Equity Advisors Announces Successful Closing of its Second Investment, a $150 Million Residential and Commercial Solar Portfolio

January 1, 2017

WASHINGTON, DC — Tax Equity Advisors (TEA), a boutique financial advisory firm that manages corporate client investments in clean power projects, has closed its second tax equity financing on behalf of a major U.S. corporation, for a $150 million portfolio of residential and commercial rooftops managed by a leading U.S. solar developer.

With this financing, one of the largest of its kind in 2016, TEA will have deployed $300 million in tax equity in 2016, making TEA one of the largest and fastest growing sources of tax equity in the country. TEA’s 2016 financing, with two of the country’s top developers, will support a total investment of nearly $700 million – enough to build nearly 20,000 solar projects in 20 states.

Jonathan Silver, a Managing Director of Tax Equity Advisors, said: “TEA serves as the outsourced project finance, underwriting, and portfolio management team for companies interested in the financial and environmental benefits of clean energy, but for whom tax equity is not a core focus of their business. Through this investment, our client, a Fortune 500 company, will generate attractive returns and support the increased use of solar power.”

About Tax Equity Advisors: Tax Equity Advisors (TEA) is a Registered Investment Advisor that enables companies to develop, deploy, and manage their renewable energy tax credit strategies without the need for large, permanent teams of expensive in-house experts. For more information, please visit:

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